Radioshack New Pro-107 Handheld iScan Triple Trunking Scanner 20
Radioshack New Pro-107 Handheld iScan Triple Trunking Scanner 20
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Pro-107 Handheld iScan Triple Trunking Scanner 1 Mil Freq NOAA

Hear all of the action in your area without the complicated programming of frequencies.

The PRO-107 has a built-in SD card pre-programmed with the full U.S. database of all known analog public-service trunked systems as well as many conventional frequencies. Just select where you are and what you want to scan from pre-installed lists.

It's as easy to use as an MP3 player is. Hit play (not SCAN) and you are scanning the local action. It just couldn't be any easier. Plus, Signal Stalke II enables you to lock on to nearby transmissions without programming or even knowing the frequencies, and permits lockout of undesired frequencies.

UPC: 040293644147

Model: Pro-107

The Pro-107 iScan radio is manufactured for Radio Shack by GRE America Inc.

The Radio Shack PRO-107 iScan is a Multi-Trunking scanner which boasts the ability to track Motorola type I/II systems, LTR and EDACS trunking systems using the Radioreference database on an included 2GB Secure Digital card.

The Pro-107 uses a proprietary software package and a supplied USB/power cable. Firmware updates are possible on this radio via the PC/IF->USB port.


  • Stores millions of frequencies that can be categorized into 20 playlists

  • No programming required to listen to police, fire, aircraft, marine, FRS/GMRS, CB and HAM

  • Hear Skywarn severe weather reports from the actual trained observers near your home

  • Features S.A.M.E. and does not alarm unless the weather alert is really for your specified area

  • Searches for nearby 2-way radio transmissions within approximately 1,000 feet of the radio

  • Trunks the vast majority of local analog police/fire/emergency trunked systems

  • Includes PC interface for cloning, uploading and downloading

  • Band coverage: 25-50MHz VHF-Lo, 50-54MHz 6-meter Ham

  • Coverage cont.: 108-136.99166MHz Aircraft, 137-144MHz VHF Government

  • Coverage cont.: 144-148MHz 2-meter Ham, 148-174MHz VHF-Hi

  • Coverage cont.: 216.0025-221.9975, 222-225MHz VHF, 225.025-405.975MHz Military Aircraft

  • Coverage cont.: 406-512MHz, 806-960MHz (excluding wireless phone bands) UHF

  • Coverage cont.:1240-1300MHz Ham


Product Height

5.5 inches

Product Width

2.6 inches

Product Depth

1.1 inches

Product Weight

0.6 pounds

General Features:



Product Type


Enclosure Color


Misc Features:

Cables Included

USB charging cable

Supported Languages



  • 1/8" headphone jack (1)

  • BNC antenna connector (1)

Power Features:

Power Device

"AA" batteries; AC adapter

Radio System Features:

Channel Scan


Includes NOAA Weather Channels


Includes SAME Alerts


Weather Alert


Marine Band


Audible Battery Alert


Display Features:


Lighted, full-text LCD

Display Form Factor


Color Support


Radio Scanner Features:

Scanner Type

Triple trunking

Handheld Design


Memory Channels

1000 Channels

Preprogrammed Frequencies


Follows Analog Motorola I, II, I/II trunked radio systems


Follows GE/Ericsson (EDACS) trunked radio systems


6.25KHz channel spacing


EEPROM memory backup


PC interface/cloning




Frequency Storage

Internal SD card has full U.S. database for all known analog public-service trunked systems and many conventional frequencies as well.

Frequency Coverage

25-50MHz VHF-Lo50-54MHz 6-meter Ham 108-136.99166MHz(Feb3,05) Aircraft137-144MHz VHF Government 144-148MHz 2-meter Ham148-174MHz VHF-Hi 216.0025-221.9975, 222-225MHz VHF 225.025-405.975MH Military Aircraft 406-512MHz, 806-960MHz (excluding cellular bands) UHF 1240-1300MHz Ham

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