Jabra Ear Mini Gel Aliph Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset
Jabra Ear Mini Gel Aliph Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset
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set of 4 Original Jabra OEM Minigels (two L, and two S) for Aliph Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset. They are comfortable, soft, louder and stylish!

In-ear gels for a secure, comfortable listening experience

Jabra MiniGels are designed to channel sound directly into the ear for perfect reception, so conversations sound clear and natural at both ends of the call. They are made of a soft material shaped to sit snugly in your ear for a comfortable and secure fit. Jabra MiniGels are hygienic and washable and come 4 in a pack - two sizes for left and right ears.
Simply Snaps the Jabra Gels on your Jawbone Icon headset, it is super comfortable, secure, and stylish!!!

Why Jabra MiniGels™ are the popular choice:
• Patented designs, healthier than earpads
• Air circulates freely throughout the channeled design
• Outside sounds like sirens are easy to detect because the ear canal is not blocked
• Smooth material won't scratch your ear's delicate skin, unlike rough-surface foam pads
• Stylish.

Manufactured by Jabra!!!

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